Does the mere mention of this sentence push a silent panic button!!   


As parents we understand that part of financial planning includes planning for your child’s future and ensuring that they achieve their dreams. 


Realistically, financial freedom and independence can only be achieved through proper education. When you first lay eyes on your newborn, the last thing you think of is the cost of their education; there are more pressing issues such as cost of diapers; health care etc.  While these are all relevant for the here and now, can you imagine if every parent looked at their newborn and had committed to just put a small sum aside every month towards their education from the moment they are conceived! You would already have a 9 month jump start! 


The world may look very different if our financial mindset was adjusted to align with the growing cost of basic education, not to mention the dream to attend an Ivy League School. Education planning is actually the one investment that gives the highest return in terms of value for money; self-growth; legacy planning and pure joy when it comes to the overall ROI. It should be seen as one of your essential items when making that all important list for your children and their future.  


Educational Investment Platforms have been transformed to grow with our everchanging needs and desires; it has the ability to take what may seem impossible and make it a reality. As with any investment there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when doing your financial planning session. 

  • What type of education plan do you need – are you looking to save for both primary and secondary schooling or are you wanting to just ensure that your child / children can attend a university. 
  •  Affordability – of course this is always the key element that determines what we can actually achieve through our investments. 
  • Are you wanting your child to attend a local university or are you looking at sending them to a different country to receive their education.  


While, these are the main factors that any advisor will take into consideration when planning for your child’s education, additional factors that you may not even have considered may rear their ugly heads and potentially try and derail your plans.  

Therefore, when it comes to any financial planning, it is vital that you get sound advice from experts who know and understand that your needs can change and with that so will your finances.  


But as with anything in life…….  

Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try” – IIMG 


Author: Angelina Angileri @IIMG Marketing