Eco-friendly, growth and a passport to the world! What more can you want from your investment? 

How about pristine beaches; fully furnished apartments and a Tesla parked in the driveway?  

Over the past decade, we certainly have shifted our focus from stagnant traditional investing to more socially responsible investing (SRI). With eco-products being all the rage, it makes sense that many of us don’t simply want to stop at solar panels or a hybrid car, instead, eco-living and sustainability has bubbled over into our investment making decisions and financial goals. 

What exactly is ‘Environmental Investing’ 

  • With Environmental Investing, there is a focus on choosing investment platforms that support and provide environmentally friendly services and products.  
  • An environmental investor thus evaluates investment opportunities by weighing them against their effect on global environmental issues.  

When setting up investment strategies through key financial planning, the primary goal should still be to achieve strong financial returns. In the past, the star players have been investments into ‘GreenTech’ and ‘CleanTech’ platforms where sustainable clean energy and pollution reduction has been the driving force.   

What does this have to do with a GOLDEN VISA? 

In our never-ending quest to exceed our client’s everchanging needs and financial goals, we have partnered with ‘The Tower Development Fund’, a specialist Portuguese Private Equity Fund.  


So, the Simple Answer to the above question is ……..AMYRA PARQUE! 

Offering a direct investment into Portugal’s residential and tourism industries and opening the ever so popular global phenomenon of obtaining a Golden Visa. 

The benefits include (to name a few): 

  • Access to a €25M development with significant capital growth and income potential 
  • Targeted annual dividends of 5% and growth in excess of 100% over the life of the fund projected 
  • Excellent vehicle for those looking to take advantage of the NHR (Non-Habitual Residency) tax programme 
  • EARLY FUND INVESTORS have additional benefits at the Amyra Parque Resort 

When it comes to reducing our eco-footprint; sustainability; growth; stability and a new unrestricted passport, this ‘Passport to Portugal Investment’ certainly ticks all the right boxes plus a few additional ones. 




“Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try” – IIMG  


 Author: Angelina Angileri @IIMG Marketing