Once again South Africans are facing the week ahead, with an extended Level 4 lockdown, and the ongoing countrywide protest action from Zuma supporters.

As if our economy didn’t have enough to deal with due to Covid; it will now have to rise above the added damage to the infrastructure; service and delivery strain placed on it by the mass action threatening the livelihood of fellow South Africans.

If history is to repeat itself, the current state of our country will just be another proverbial lesson to add to our already overflowing coffer of frustration. There is not much we can do to negate our country’s ability to harbour a soft spot for corrupt officials.

However, as individuals, the one area of our lives were we can still be proactive and take a decisive stand against a gloomy future, is through investing our money wisely. Financial independence or securing our future is not an overnight process, but rather an area of discipline and in some cases sacrifice.

Investment planning does not simply involve having a life policy or funeral benefit; it is ensuring that your money is passively growing in the background. No matter if you have a lump sum to invest or a smaller regular savings amount; when placed in the right investment, it can be the difference between a secure retirement or just to ensure that all your years of labour are not in vain.

As South Africans we must realize that we have the power to change our future by building strong financial blocks. Choosing investments that support our core values; will go a long way in empowering our social standing and increase our economical footprint.

The silver lining here is that South Africans are resilient in nature and this is the part of our history that cannot be denied.