Savings for Private Education and University Fees

Savings for Private Education and University Fees

As parents, we all want the best for our children. And that includes giving them access to the best possible education so they can maximise their potential to secure a real head start in life. However, the costs involved can seem prohibitive which means tax effective, structured and diligent planning is essential.

This is where IIMG excel. One of our fully-qualified financial advisors will help show you the options available which best suit your specific requirements. Whether that is through investing a lump sum to grow as your child does, utilising existing savings more tax – efficiently or setting aside an affordable, fixed amount every month, the advice we provide will help secure your child’s academic future.

Planning for schooling and university fees early provides better financial freedom and minimises impact on domestic day to day expenses. By starting the process now, accumulating the necessary funds is so much easier. And if education costs grow, having monies available to call on will lessen the burden even further.

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