Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Decisions surrounding our future are something most of us prefer to delay. But as more of us are living for longer and working until later in life, coupled with reduced basic pension pay-outs from the Government, there has never been a more urgent need to save for your retirement.

IIMG can help you with your pension requirements, whether you need to start planning a schedule for the first time or simply want to review / update your current pension plans. By making appropriate arrangements now, you can look forward to a comfortable retirement, knowing your standard of living will be maintained (or even enhanced) and your family is fully protected and provided for.

We can help you regardless of age, circumstances or financial status. The main areas of our expertise encompass a portfolio of products including introductory guidance for those beginning to look at their pension planning options, through to advice and support to those already holding UK pensions who may wish to explore both SIPP and QROPS transfers. Our friendly, experienced team will explain step by step how our recommendations will benefit you, eliminating the minefield of confusion and regulation, saving you time & guaranteeing complete peace of mind.

It is never too late to start thinking about the future. Start thinking about it now. Get in touch today!

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