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Financial Planning and Wealth Management is what we specialise in to name a few but ultimately we think outside the box to create solutions to client requirements
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Alternative Investments

Traditionally, buying property has always been seen as a good investment. Many people have bought second-homes to rent out or a number of properties to sell on at a profit. 

Capital Investments

Capital investments are funds you invest in for long-term gain. But making the right choices on where to invest can be difficult, complicated and time-consuming.

Expat Life Cover


IIMG Life provides its clients with Expat specific Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover.

Global Property Investment & Citizenship Advice

Are you interested in International property but don’t know how to get involved? Would you like to add the strength of global residential property to your portfolio?

International Life & Health Insurance

Everyone working and moving around the world needs flexible medical and life insurance; you, your family and your workforce – wherever they are and whatever their nationality.

Retirement Planning


Decisions surrounding our future are something most of us prefer to delay. 


(Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme)

These are ideal for people that have left the UK, and have no intention of returning to the UK.

Savings for Private Education and University Fee Funding

 As a parent, you want the best for your children. And that includes giving them the best education you can. Many people prefer to send their children to private schools so they can achieve their potential…


(Self Invested Pension Plan)

Nearly one million people have opted to transfer their pensions to a SIPP (Self Invested Pension Plan) and there is no sign of demand slowing.

Latest News…

 IIMG has access to a large panel of independent mortgage brokers, who can search the latest deals available from lots of different lenders to find the ideal mortgage product for you, both in the UK and overseas.