Our Process


Determine Your Current Financial Situation

The first thing we do is work out your financial situation. This includes income, savings, living expenses and debts you owe. By fully understanding your circumstances, we can ensure you receive a thorough, personal financial planning service from one of our experienced international consultants.


Develop Financial Goals

 Sharing your financial goals with us is key. You need to identify what your relationship to money is, and why you feel that way so we can identify what you need, compared to what you want. Having defined financial goals is vital to financial planning. We can suggest goals for you but you have to know what your aims are in regards to savings, investing and financial security. 



Evaluate Options

Together, we will help you evaluate every available course of action. You will need to take into account your life situation, personal values and the current economic climate. Every financial decision made carries a consequence. Investing in a share portfolio means your family may miss out on this year’s holiday, so we’ll make sure you are aware of any potential sacrifices you will make when planning for a more secure financial future. IIMG will help you evaluate any risks with particular financial investments and arrive at the right one for you. Our experience, coupled with your attitude to financial risk, lets you make a comfortable decision about your money.


Create and Implement a Financial Action Plan

 This is where we ask you to develop a financial action plan, so we can help you achieve it. You will need to think about the ways you can reach your financial goals, and whether your goals are short, medium or long-term. Once you have agreed your financial action plan, we will provide you with any assistance needed. As independent insurance brokers, investment brokers and mortgage brokers, you will find IIMG has everything you need to attain financial security.


Re-evaluate and Revise Your Plan

Financial planning does not stop once you have made your original plan or taken some of the actions on it. The process needs to evolve regularly as life events happen, outside influences occur and your goals change. IIMG can help you revise your plan and re-assess your financial priorities so you can meet your goals and prioritise your aims.

IIMG have cutting edge technology at our disposal, to accurately forecast for our clients quickly and easily